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This journal will remain available until I have copied over all the messages I care to save to my new LJ ID.  Please visit my new LJ home at rhunel and take a second to add me to your Friends list if you haven't already. Thank you so much and have a great day!

All my haiku

I promised long ago to post every haiku I've written, but I don't think I did. Since I've written three in the last month, I may as well share. As I write more, I'll add them to the end of the list. Be sure to enjoy the fashion show and song lyrics following the haiku. ;-}

My Haiku (in order of creation):

Far from the foam-edged
Shoreline, a loon mocks the
Stillness with its cry.

A single candle
Beckons in the night window;
Someone is away.

Shadow; faint, dancing
O'er the cliffs; I looked up and
Saw a butterfly.

The lakeshore shrine at dusk –
Hushed, strains of distant honking,
A flurry of cranes.

A cat is fluffy
And sweet, and gets his own way
By purrs and meows.

Train, rumbling by in
Endless cars; I close my eyes
And am transported.*

The frozen willow
Leans on the pond, its advance
Stopped, in still deténte.

Her laughter, his smile,
Gone like a dream – it's so hard
To say I'm sorry.

What do we do, then,
When all our heroes are gone?--
Go on, climb, be one.

Project Runway show with music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dDWJGrnOIGQ
Lyrics: http://music.yahoo.com/Enrique-Iglesias/Tired-Of-Being-Sorry/lyrics/44325022

*The train haiku is a replacement, I lost the original one.

Awesome picture I bought (and more)

OK, enjoy this quiz first!

Alright, now about the picture! There is a website called http://www.portraitadoption.com which serves as a place where roleplaying gamers can commission portraits of their characters by submitting descriptions which may or may not be created as art by any of the artists who frequent the website (actually I'm not sure what the rules are for becoming a featured artist). Portraits which aren't adopted by the person submitting the description go in the up for grabs section, and I snagged the electronic version of this beautiful portrait for the ridiculously cheap price of $5!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Since I had the opportunity to name her, I call her Sylvana, High Elven Priestess. She is by Camilla Drakenborg (strangesunshine@hotmail.com)

Jealous? Start shopping now, it's fun!

Elven grins,

p.s., I was browsing on Deviant Art today, as you may remember, I am a fan of this lady's comic-in-ongoing-progress, http://blackandblue.comicgenesis.com/, and found this picture in her gallery journal (by another artist). I thought you might enjoy.

Nautilus Report: Cover 2
by *erisdoll on deviantART

I just finished reading "Death at the Crossroads" by Dale Furutani (which I finally checked out from the library after unsuccessfully looking for years in Half-Price Books and on eBay). Although not along an oriental theme, I was inspired to write the start of a short story tonight, don't know how long it will be, but it'll end with Sefh't earning her own sword. I hope you like it... 


Parts 1, 2 & 3 of an unfinished short story about a teen who follows in her demonslayer stepmom's footstepsCollapse )

She's Done, OMG Finally Free!

http://www.PictureTrail.com/gid7146619 Finished the 3rd of 3 outfits for that Paula Abdul commission doll Sunday afternoon, photographed her Sunday evening (mandatory team meeting was cancelled), and made her OOAK certificate and boxed her (except for shipper) tonight. (the CENTER outfit, Cher and Beyonce are in Mattel-made Barbie outifts except white bodysuit). Outfits 1 and 2 are in the Picturetrail album link above).

NOW I can finally work on something *I* would like to, after I clean up this place, get rid of stuff I can sell, and play a little. Whew, I am exhausted, didn't sleep well tonight (smoke alarm went off twice, low batteries, but before that I sort of half-dozed), could be that staying up til 2:45 am on the computer after loading the pictures on PT. I also cleaned up the albums and amazingly, I have space leftover to put things in my Items for Sale album, yaaay!

Still broke, but Daphne (the buyer) said she would pay me soon, which means less to borrow to pay the rent. ;-P

Well, that's it for tonight, except for this final word. Schlotzsky's stinks!

Used to be my favorite place to go on a weekend, computers where I could check my mail for free, great coffee and pastries, and good sandwiches. Now, it seems they want to focus on being a sandwich shop. If I want just good sandwiches, I will go to Quizno's! Sigh. Only two Schlotzsky's have any computers left. At least the one down south has the coffee and cranberry walnut scones that I love still. Hope it stays that way!

Best wishes for a good week y'all.

Finished!!!!!!!! Hooray!!!

Thanksgiving Movie and 2 Music Videos

And tonight I watched "Batman Begins" which I bought last year used on DVD and recently recovered from the pawn shop (before I had to repawn the LOTR trilogy which I'd also gotten back). Heh, revolving door for DVDs there but anyway,
excellent movie, oh yes, heck yeah!! Glad I saved it for Thanksgiving, just the thing to watch, don't mind missing Smallville and Supernatural although both I'm sure were good episodes tonight.

In other news, I got up at 2:30 today (had a strange nightmare about Conchi), ate side dishes and a not-so-good desert at Luby's (I saved the stuffing for supper), did a load of laundry, and cooked a nice Thanksgiving meal for myself with enough leftover for tomorrow. I had a small ham steak, skillet cooked with a bit of liquid smoke, margarine, pancake syrup, and shallots. I put the sauteed shallots in with the stuffing, and put them in the toaster oven next to the mashed sweet potatoes (gotta love a can with one ingredient, nothing added) to which I added marg, brown sugar, and crumbled pecans. I cooked some frozen turnip greens with diced turnips, and made glazed carrots with marg and honey, and sat on my broken sofa and watched the movie while I ate and drank Coke.

When I was done eating, my neighbor from upstairs, bless their hearts, again came down and brought me a Thanksgiving dinner plate all wrapped in foil. Included was apple pie and pecan pie with whip cream. So I ate the apple pie and saved the pecan pie for tomorrow. I washed the dishes and put them to dry and now I am checking email. Soon I will go to bed.

The only thing I DIDN'T do today, was work on the doll commission. A shame, but I can't do everything, this wasn't a day of work, so, except for what had to be done, I didn't. And no regrets, although tomorrow, tomorrow, I must finish her outfit.

Hugs and hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Purrs from Rafael.


I leave you with two songs which I meant to put in my Fourth of July entry. I just realized that time got away and I should have done so by now, so here they are. Fergie's "Big Girls Don't Cry" and Rob Thomas' "Little Wonders". Enjoy!

Pre-Thanksgiving Movie

I am watching Hotel Rwanda on TV tonight. Three cheers for the CW for having the balls to air it while most of us are preparing to gorge ourselves on Thanksgiving turkey and launch ourselves the following day into our holiday shopping. It makes me feel like not such a bad person for staying at home tomorrow, cooking for myself, doing laundry, and working on the doll commission that I promised to finish and photograph by this weekend, so that I'll have money to pay my rent. I forgot when I paid my car note at the Wells Fargo that I'd scheduled it to be paid online, so three transactions bounced and I was $162 in the hole again this past week. I pawned the LOTR DVD's again for cash for gas and food and other small sundries to make it through today, so, although my account is positive again, it isn't enough for rent.

Happy Thanksgiving and blessings to everyone. Even if we don't live in Rwanda, many of us need it.

La Belle Dame Sans Merci

I completed a collage last week--here is a scan. The original is 8.5x11 color copies (acid-free paper with acid-free glue).

I wasn't aware there's a poem from which various painters were drawing their inspiration, so I cannot say my version is influenced by it. Nevertheless you may find it interesting reading....


I also wrote a haiku last week. I write these very infrequently, I trust more wouldn't be better, but I like the ones I've done. I'll update the list, I'm sure it's on my LJ somewhere.

The frozen willow
Leans on the pond, its advance
Stopped, in still detente.

Prayers and hugs to the people in San Diego County (particularly one doll artist by the name of Brenda who had to evacuate, and now is safely home).

Yahoo is running extremely slowly. It's either that they have many servers in SoCal, or that I downgraded to basic service to prevent a potential overdraft. Or both. Ray says it's been slow for him too so it probably is the servers.

Have a good week, my quiet, faithful friends.


Which Mark Ryden Painting Are You?

You are "Saint Barbie"
Take this quiz!

Quizilla |

| Make A Quiz | More Quizzes | Grab Code

Here is a link to a larger version of the picture, it is certainly well done!

I went to a fashion show yesterday, celebrating the arrival of Payday! It was fun. ;-D I have a small rita in my freezer, I smuggled it out in a Tigermarket cup, since the first one was so good. They had the most wonderful smelling porta-potties and a portable sink with foot-pump water and hand towels! The food was from Sazon, pork empanadas and refried bean "torts" with onions, goat cheese and cilantro. Read the ad below, then I have pictures!


Fashion Show

AUSTIN,TX. October 11, 2007- 7:30 p.m. SoLa's annual fashion show premiers our Winter 2007 lines and benefits Austin SafePlace. Live band Dorothy's Boys will perform. $10 suggested donation with all proceeds going to SafePlace. Food and beverage will be provided.

Our 3rd annual event strives to be the biggest yet with over 20 models showcasing clothing, shoes, and accessories exclusively available at SoLa, with hair and make-up by world-renowned salon Jackson Ruiz.

Runway at 2005 South Lamar. Event from 7:30 - 11:30. Contact 512.441.7370 for more details.

I might survive to next payday :~p

Well, let's hear it for the generosity of people.  I went to church today (to pick up the schedule of Lectors and Eucharistic Ministers) and I was on today.  Jose' asked how I was doing.  Being honest, I told him.  Had a bad migraine and allergies, $0.03 in the bank account and $1 for gas for the entire week.  I served, and then after Mass, he told the other Eucharistic Ministers that one of them was going through financial difficulties and he was going to put a basket out for any contributions anyone could make.  I sat on the bench hiding my face behind my bulletin, couldn't stop the emotion from showing on my face, but my shoulders were shaking.

I said my prayers before leaving, and while I was sitting there next to the alter he gave me the contribution.  I thanked him, didn't look at it then, and didn't go to breakfast because (a) I couldn't compose myself, and (b) my migraine was really too bad, I just wanted someplace darker and cooler than...oh, you know, I realized just now that breakfast wasn't served today anyway because it was the day after the annual Jamaica fundraiser.   

So I went to Schlotzsky's, ordered a hot chocolate and took some more aspirin and decongestant, which made me feel better (they had given me $50) and got sidetracked trying to customize my LJ which would not cooperate, while I waited for the doll store to open.  I went and as usual, watched my doll friends play with their expensive dolls, finally got bored, after buying a $1 doll (actually a very useful one, which I'll get to later), and my migraine was coming back, so I went home (after putting $2.50 gas in the car and taking more medicine).

At home, I ate some leftovers, and feeling better, I swapped out bodies on the dolls using the one I obtained today.  Three Kiras and one Midge all traded around bodies and got something better, and I put the Superstar head on a body that was for sale or to get rid of anyway.  The doll that is "happiest" with the trade is the former Empress of China (an oriental Midge, who looks like Catherine Zeta Jones, but needs the top 2/3 of her head rerooted because her hair was so short I pulled it out and she has a loose ponytail to hide that now), she is the recipient of the ballet-foot new body.  Second happiest is a formerly disembodied Photo Pockets Kira of green eyes, she now has a high heel poseable body which my Empress of China had (which actually belonged to my Vespa Kenzie).  Third happiest is the Lisa Mills repaint Egyptian-style Kira, who traded from a Happy Family Midge convertible slim-belly/pregnancy body to a Hollywood Nails Barbie body with loose knees the Palm Beach Midge former redress Skating Champ had.  Least happy is the Palm Beach Midge who is now preggers, LOL.

At that point I had 2 hours left on my decongestant and aspirin so I tried taking a nap.  That lasted an hour...too much outside noise.  I decided I was feeling better so I went out for a drive, just to get out and make something more of the weekend.  I went and saw Ray.  We went to Taco Cabana (I had a kids' meal), followed by Half Price Books.  Ray got me the book I was going to buy, Trading in Danger by Elizabeth Moon.  Not sure I mentioned, I had read Marque and Reprisal, which is the second book in the series, so it was good to find the first.   We went to HEB (I spent $6.64 on 4 days food), and I came home via another service station, where I put $4.22 more gas in the car (and it's still barely above the E line), I swear it used to last longer.

Home and playing on the internet, customizing my LJ right, thanks to Ray's tip, played some Orbitz putt-putt, and I need to take some more medicine, and go to bed, as it's now almost 11.

I might live through this week.

Y'all have fun too.